Do you have what it takes to be a leader? We want you to run for regional office.
Please read all application rules and submit forms to Dr. Annie Tuttle.

Regional Officer Candidate Nomination & Honor Code Form / Regional Officer Information

Regional Officers

Danielle Barrow Danielle Barrow

Kingsborough Community College
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Carrie Daignaut Carrie Daignaut

Executive Secretary
Onondaga Community College
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Erick Saldivar Erick Saldivar

Southern Vice President
Suffolk County Community College - Grant Campus
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 Armin Bricic Armin Bricic

Northern Vice President
Armin Bricic
Mohawk Valley Community College
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Jessica Rich Jessica Rich

Western Vice President
Monroe Community College
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Regional Coordinator

Dr. Annie Tuttle Dr. Annie Tuttle

Regional Coordinator
SUNY - Onondaga Community College
Syracuse Campus
Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter
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Dr. Payal Doctor Dr. Payal Doctor

Associate Regional Coordinator
LaGuardia Community College
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