Projects for 2021

Collaborates Project

Service Project

Transfer Fair Project

Our region is focused on transfer readiness, so save the date! October 20th from 2 – 4 pm, the New York Region will be hosting a Transfer Fair! We will partner with some of your favorite transfer universities and colleges for you to meet and to answer any questions you may have. Attendees will have a chance to win exclusive PTK swag, DOOR PRIZES, but they will be limited, so make sure you’re there first!

We will have details posted soon!

Career Readiness Project

The NY region wants to help our members learn more about careers!

As scholars, we are often focused on completing our educational goals, but not always focused on how to apply our education to become a successful professional.

Our colleges help provide the foundation needed to enter careers but don’t always help us gain the soft skills or insider knowledge needed to thrive in our careers and become strong leaders.

This is why the New York Region is curating a Virtual Career Panel Zoom series named “Career Answers You Wish You Knew.”

This fall we will have two Virtual Career Panels on Zoom, one focused on General Careers and one focused on Healthcare Professions.

We will ask members to send in questions for our panelists so we can answer all of the things you want to know about your career field! The questions you submit can be asked anonymously, or you can include your name for a shoutout when we are asking your question.

This project aims to expose our members to the professional insight that will help guide them after graduation.


November 3rd (Health Care Panel)
November 17th (General Career Panel)

*Zoom links will be sent out in late October, and we will start collecting questions this fall. Keep an eye out.